Re-evaluate U.S. Education and Teacher Performance

It’s axiomatic that we cannot improve education without improving teacher quality. And yet performance evaluation is often a touchy subject for teachers. But what if we could make teacher evaluation a valuable tool for teachers to gain insight about their performance as well as access to helpful tools to grow their skills?

In California, 40% of teachers are over 50, and the number of credentials awarded to new teachers each year is shrinking, according to its Department of Education. The youngest and the least experienced are often sent to poor neighborhoods where kids need the most help. In this episode, we’ll hear the story of Aspire Public Schools, one of the nation’s top-performing large school systems serving predominantly low-income students. I’ll speak with Anna Utgoff, Director of Teaching and Learning Solutions at Aspire, and with Jason Lange, the CEO and Co-Founder of BloomBoard, to understand how Aspire leverages technology to improve teacher education and performance.

Listen to the interview now.

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