Taking eCommerce to the Next Level: Social Shopping and Browsing

Social Shopping - SneakPeeqThe Internet has forever changed the way everyone does business. After 17 years, eBay, as the largest online marketplace, has more than 100 million active users. But the story is not limited to large players, not by any means. The ever-changing Internet continues to be the launching pad for entrepreneurs in every sector. And relatively new developments such as social media are helping to bring about the next evolution of eCommerce. This program explores the social shopping phenomenon with the founders of the emerging social shopping sites Sneakpeeq and Gumroad. And on a completely different tangent, we’ll also learn how an engineer successfully launched a second career in photography (www.flickr.com/photos/johnfish) on the photo-sharing site, Flickr, where his photos have more than 3 million views . Listen to the interview now.

John Soong Photography - Business Reinvention