How Chipotle Turbo Charges Growth with Food Integrity

Eleven years after Chipotle began using naturally-raised pigs with no hormones or antibiotics, both McDonald’s and Wendy’s announced plans this year to work with their pork suppliers to phase out gestation stalls, which are considered by the animal-rights groups to be cruel.

These moves signaled a major shift for the industry and caused a rippling impact on business practices in the fast-food industry, long associated with cheap and low-grade food. The company has provided sound evidence that doing good can be good business. With 1,230 outlets, Chipotle is rated as one of the fastest-growing companies last year by Fortune and is expected to add another more restaurants this year. Not only does the Mexican-themed chain use fresh and sustainably-grown ingredients from small specialty farmers, it offers an interactive service model of allowing guests to customize their meals. In this episode, we look for answers as to how the company is able to execute its complex business idea while maintaining one of the highest operating margins in the industry.

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