More About Evertale – Time Saver and Memory Keeper

Earlier this week, I interviewed founders of Evertale based in Denmark (Listen now).  This is Francesco Patarnello and Luca Ferrai’s first startup.  They are both in their 20’s but have a great vision for the company.  I first met them when they visited the U.S.  Their smartphone app automatically captures all your interactions with your phone and recognizes when you meet your friends. The result is a self-writing diary of your life. This happens with no effort whatsoever from the user – no tagging, uploading or checking-in.  Last year, more than 300 billion photos were taken last year.  Managing photos is becoming a challenge.  People also love to share photos.  Facebook library now has 140 billion pictures.  The product saves time but also helps enhance your photo sharing experience.

When you go to your account on their website, you get a nice page for the day overlaying a map to show you all the locations you visited and took pictures or notes.  It also automatically recognizes things that are non-routine so you can see the highlights of your day.  The product is still in its beta.  Enter your email on their site to get an invitation for trial.